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I'm Single and Valentine's Day Doesn't Suck

I’ve always been a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love the whole vibe: the chocolates, the flowers, the diamonds. The idea that true love really exists and you can have a partner that will whisk you away for a romantic evening, shower you with a luxurious gift, draw you a bath when you get home, then meet you in the bedroom as they’re covering the bed with rose petals.

Okay, so maybe this has never happened to me and I’ve watched too many sappy Valentine’s Day movies that are totally unrealistic. But I don’t care. I love celebrating love. Because even though I’m not in love this Valentine’s Day, and I’m pretty sure no one is in love with me (although if you are, I like sushi and white roses and cubic zirconias are fine), I love myself. And since my divorce over seven years ago, I choose to celebrate myself on Valentine’s Day. And it’s always wonderful. Here’s why:

I’ve never had my dream Valentine's date, so being by myself means I’m not disappointed in what someone doesn’t do for me. I haven’t been let down by a man who underdelivers (they all seem to) in so long because there hasn’t been a man. And I kind of love that.

I also enjoy buying myself whatever I want and make no apologies about gifting myself things in February. If I see a necklace, well, it’s my Valentine’s Day gift. I’ll schedule a massage really, and that’s another gift for me.

And after I’ve indulged in sushi and chocolate and a massage and whatever else I’ve planned for myself to celebrate, I can go home to my vibrator. It never lets me down, gets the job done good and fast, and I can drift off to sleep without having to return any favors.

Yes, I realize it’s not always easy to be alone on holidays and there are days when we’re more prone to nostalgia and thinking of our exes with rose-colored glasses and wondering how much longer we are going to be single. I’ve gone through all of that, and probably can never permanently escape those thoughts.

However, after I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and I realized I can give myself everything I need on Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year, it completely changed me.

It’s been freeing and liberating to know I can create my own happiness and make my own dreams come true, regardless of how big or small, on my own.

Not only has celebrating myself felt incredibly special, it’s kept me from settling for the wrong man just to have someone around.

If you are single and dreading Valentine’s Day, please plan a special day for yourself. It doesn't have to fall on the exact day, but make sure you have something to look forward to. Buy yourself something special because you totally deserve it.

And please, please don’t forget to charge your vibrator.

And afterward, you just may want to spend every Valentine’s Day alone.


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