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Jill Smokler, founder of influential blog ‘Scary Mommy,’ announces she has brain cancer

Her honest, raw and funny writing helped mothers everywhere realize they weren't alone.

The Internet and Parenthood with Jill Smokler of She’s Got Issues

Jill talks with The Brave Writer about being an entrepreneur, growing older, parenting older kids and more.

Starting Over After Scary Mommy with OG Parenting Influencer, Jill Smokler

Jill reflects on her personal growth as a creator, the lessons she has learned and her vision for moving forward!


Scary Mommy Founder Jill Smokler Launches Digital Magazine to Help Gen X Women Navigate Mid-Life

'Mom-fluencers' are cashing in on lucrative brand deals – but not without some controversy

"Impact x Nightline" delves into the world of "mom-fluencing."

Talking "Issues" with Jill Smokler

‘Scary Mommy' Founder Jill Smokler Opens Up About New Chapter & Overcoming Adversity


Scary Mommy Founder Jill Smokler Continues to Help Gen X Women Navigate Mid-Life

Jill Smokler Has Issues, And She’s Unafraid To Talk About It

Jill Smokler, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, is speaking up about her issues – and we are here for it!

Scary Mommy’s Founder on When Life Throws Curveballs

Jill speaks with host Morra Aarons-Mele about how your mental health can suffer when you achieve your dreams, and where she is today.

Fresh Take: Jill Smokler on Starting Over

Jill talks with Amy and Margaret about her new space for women to come together and share their stories.

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