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who's got issues?

I mean, we all do, right? All kinds of issues. And at this point, we’re old enough to know that we all feel better when we can share them together. Big, small, frivolous, or scary. Whether approaching an empty nest, redefining personal and professional ambitions, aging parents and being part of the sandwich generation, relationships, divorce, dating, menopause, mental health, physical health, and wellness, the list goes on. She’s Got Issues is a place for women to come together for community, entertainment, and reliable expert advice. Our website and community are here to inspire, support, and laugh with one another through this messy slog called midlife. Read, Listen, Share - we are in this together.


about she’s got issues


She’s Got Issues was co-founded by Scary Mommy founder Jill Smokler and Entrepreneur Keira Shein — long-time friends with a shared vision of building a community for women to lift each other up as we navigate our forties and beyond. Launched as a podcast in 2022, She’s Got Issues has grown to include an online magazine and community. In July 2024, Jill stepped back from She's Got Issues after being diagnosed with glioblastoma. 

our team


Keira Shein, Co-Founder & Executive Editor

With 20 years of experience in leading brands and communications in corporate America, Keira is an expert storyteller and innovator. As a trusted advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs during times of change, Keira was inspired to bring that very skill set to helping women navigate their own shifting lives through the founding of She’s Got Issues. Since She’s Got Issues’ inception in 2021, Keira has worked behind the scenes on everything from branding, advertising and funding to podcast production, content development, editing and writing. Prior to founding She’s Got Issues, Keira took three companies public, supported 15 corporate mergers and acquisitions, and helped entrepreneurial teams secure more than $400M in seed and venture funding.


Mikki Caplan-Zaple, Managing Editor & Podcast Producer

Mikki is the dynamic editor and podcast producer at She's Got Issues, where she leverages her expertise in social media and social issues. With an almost completed Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario, Mikki specializes in the intersection of social media and political discourse. As a dedicated mom of two, she brings empathy and understanding to her work, ensuring we deliver engaging and relevant content that resonates with Gen X women and empowers them to navigate today's complex world.


Morgan Schechter Shanahan, Social Media Director & Content Strategist

Morgan Schechter Shanahan is an award-winning writer, content creator and founding editor of BuzzFeed Parents. Morgan first came online in 2008 when she started a lifestyle blog,, which surprised us all when it quickly became a pregnancy blog and later a popular parenting destination visited by hundreds of thousands of new parents a month. (And, yes! That’s how she and Jill first met!) After joining BuzzFeed, Morgan continued to create relatable content for parents, producing a range of viral unscripted branded and editorial videos. Her digital content has been viewed over half a billion times, covering topics from mental health to pop culture, and she is psyched to continue her career at She’s Got Issues where this chronically online xennial has been welcomed with open arms.

Jill Smokler, Co-Founder & Designer

Jill is a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who became an authentic voice for millions of imperfect moms through her Webby award winning blog, Scary Mommy. Launched in 2008, Scary Mommy began as a chronicle of Jill’s stay-at-home days with her children and quickly transformed into a vibrant community of women brought together by a common theme — parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.

Over the next eight years, without advertising dollars and on a shoestring budget, Jill and her team provided the destination for high quality, humorous, sharable parenting content. In 2015 with millions of followers, three books and the top parenting site in the country, Jill became the first “mommy blogger” to sell her brand to a media company. Forbes Magazine named Jill a Top Ten Parenting Influencer and she has been a featured guest on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, Fox and Friends and countless other media outlets. Jill left She's Got Issues during the summer of 2024 following a glioblastoma diagnosis. 

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