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Starting Over After Scary Mommy with OG Parenting Influencer, Jill Smokler

The Creator Effect w/ Aliza Freud

Feb 14, 2024

Jill reflects on her personal growth as a creator, the lessons she has learned and her vision for moving forward!

We sat down with Jill Smokler, the creator of the original parenting website,  Scary Mommy. We discuss how she started her popular website and community in 2008 to her latest venture, She’s Got Issues. Jill shares her experiences in the creator space, from the early days of blogging, building a community and monetizing. Jill also takes us through the experience of being the first ‘mom influencer’ to have her blog acquired.

Our conversation dives into the transition from Scary Mommy to She’s Got Issues, and how Jill is now targeting a new life stage while continuing to connect with her audience in a different way.

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