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Talking "Issues" with Jill Smokler

MOM2MOM with Maria Sansone

Mar 27, 2023

‘Scary Mommy' Founder Jill Smokler Opens Up About New Chapter & Overcoming Adversity

First she was "Scary Mommy" and now "She's Got Issues." Jill Smokler is one of the O.G. mom bloggers when she launched "Scary Mommy" in 2008. Now in her 40s, divorced, parenting 3 teens, and weathering life's highs and lows, Jill has launched a new platform, "She's Got Issues," to connect with Gen Z women like her. She shies away from nothing. On the podcast (and forthcoming magazine) she openly discusses her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, divorcing her gay spouse, grief, body image issues, adult friendships, intimacy and more. Today Jill opens up to Maria about her journey to where she is now and how she's really doing.

NBC Boston
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