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A Good Divorce with Sarah Armstrong

Divorce challenges families in profound ways, especially when children are involved. In a revealing episode of She's Got Issues, Jill engages Sarah Armstrong, author of The Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce, discussing effective strategies for managing divorce with dignity and mindfulness.

Sarah Armstrong offers a wealth of knowledge, grounded in both personal experience and the experiences of those she has advised. Her practical advice focuses on prioritizing children's well-being and maintaining a cooperative relationship between parents post-divorce.

During the podcast, Sarah covers several crucial topics:

  • Choosing a Collaborative Divorce Process: Emphasizing the benefits of structured discussions focused on children’s needs.

  • Emotional Management for Parents: Strategies for dealing with personal emotions constructively.

  • Consistency Across Homes: Tips for creating stable and comforting environments in both parents' homes.

  • Establishing New Family Traditions: The importance of creating new routines that help families adapt and maintain a sense of continuity.

Q&A with Sarah Armstrong:

Q: What motivated you to write 'The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce'?

A: I wrote the book to help others manage the complexities of divorce by sharing the practical, compassionate strategies that helped me and my friends navigate our divorces with our children's best interests at heart.

Q: How should parents handle their emotions during a divorce?

A: It's crucial for parents to manage their emotions away from their children, using personal support systems like therapy or reflection. This helps maintain a positive environment where children feel secure.

Q: Can you share some tips for creating a positive post-divorce family environment?

A: Stability is key. Parents should strive to provide similar setups in both homes to simplify transitions for children. This includes keeping essentials like clothes and toys at both residences.

Q: What advice do you have for parents to redefine family dynamics after divorce?

A: Open communication and new traditions can redefine post-divorce family dynamics. It’s important to involve children in establishing new routines that support stability and show that love and support remain unchanged.

Sarah Armstrong's discussion with Jill offers invaluable insights for parents navigating the complexities of divorce. By prioritizing compassion and thoughtful planning, families can navigate these challenges more smoothly.

[Listen to the full podcast episode here for more in-depth discussions and advice from Sarah Armstrong]


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