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What We Really Want for Mother's Day...

Mother’s Day is coming and as much as we cherish the hand-painted “World’s Best Mom” mug that we received 20 years ago, there are so many thoughtful yet unique items that we really wish someone would give us! Check out the items we’ve picked out for our girlfriends this year and what we wish someone would give us!


Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit

Calling all matcha lovers! Cuzen Matcha is an innovative at-home matcha system that replicates the sacred ritual of making matcha, producing freshly ground matcha from organic shade-grown leaves via a beautifully designed machine. It is fast and easy to use, making it a great alternative to a daily cup of coffee

Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit - Amazon


It’s a grown-up version of an Etch A Sketch. Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, the Buddha Board is a screen-free mindfulness tool for “painting” with water. After she creates her design, the water slowly evaporates providing a clean slate to begin again. No shaking required!! It comes in both full and travel sizes so she can easily take it on the go.

Buddha Board - Amazon


Flowers are proven to bring joy and these unique floral prints are sure to make her smile! The artist creates each design by hand through a process of stamping the leaves and petals from real flowers. Each print comes with an info card that shares the symbolism of the flower or tree. With more than 30 unique floral designs to "pick" she is sure to find one she loves.

Fleurdinand Art Print - Use ISSUES for 10% off


Remember your first scrunchie? Well, we found the grownup versions! These 100% mulberry silk headbands, matching scrunchies and hairbands are soft and gentle on her hair, especially if she has curls. They are designed to protect hair from frizz or breakage and come in an assortment of beautiful colors and patterns to create an elevated and stylish way to accessorize. 


This travel jewelry case is the perfect way to store rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more while on the go. It's made from vegan leather and lined with suede and fits perfectly into a handbag or suitcase. 


This mug from Vintage Sass makes us smile whenever we use it. Their sassy sentiments combined with fun illustrations provide a fun way to speak her mind without saying a word! 


We’ve always been intimidated by orchids, but this large phalaenopsis orchid that arrived directly from Westerlay Orchids was beautiful and easy to maintain. Ours kept blooms for more than two months. The website offers tips to rebloom the orchid, which should occur in a few weeks, making this a gift that keeps on giving! 


We’ve tried a bunch of shower steamers and these are among our favorites. The Eucalyptus and Mint Shower Steamers will turn her home shower into a spa releasing a revitalizing and refreshing scent that helps to clear her mind and awaken her senses. 


This is not your average candle. Each candle comes with an affirmation card, note card to write down your intentions and QR code that opens a link to play meditation music, creating a unique and magical experience. Perfect for use in a meditation or yoga practice or just to create a relaxing environment for unwinding and setting intentions.


This body scrub is made purely of raw, crystallized honey which gently scrubs away dead skin cells to leave her complexion glowing and fresh. Honey is also one of nature’s best humectants, pulling moisture into the skin and leaving behind a light, sweet scent. 


Headaches can be a pain, but this cooling headache relief set provided comfort and we looked cute at the same time. The set includes the Opal Cool Eye Mask, Cool Cap insert and a beanie hat to keep the Cool Cap in place.


We are new to the adult coloring craze, but the intricate, exotic blooms and designs in this book have us hooked. This book takes you on a dazzling floral adventure of fantasy and imagination, filled with countless new blooms and blossoms to discover and offers a relaxing way to let our imaginations run wild. 


Looking for something to serve at a Mother's Day Brunch? Hailing from the rolling hills of Italy’s famed Prosecco DOC region, Gemma di Luna's grapes produce a wine that is fizzy and floral on the nose. The bottles are beautiful too and make a great gift!


Picture this—A sleek bottle as a carrying case for an umbrella that not only keeps it compact but ensures that she and all her belongings stay dry, even on the rainiest of days. Plus it comes in a variety of solid colors and fun prints guaranteed to brighten a rainy day.



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