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Aging Parents – We're Not Ready

Jill is joined by Kittie Eisele, an Emmy-Award winning writer, producer, and host of the highly acclaimed podcast "Twenty-Four Seven: A Podcast About Caregiving" on Texas's Public Radio.

Together they dive into the realities of aging parents as Kitty opens up about her own personal journey, sharing stories and profound conversations with her aging father about life, death, and the afterlife. Jill and Kitty candidly explore the guilt that caregivers often experience, particularly when faced with numerous hospital stays and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Learn how Kitty's podcast became a valuable source of learning and comfort for her, providing tips and support through interviews with guests who shared their wisdom. Be inspired by Kitty's wisdom and advice on being a compassionate caregiver and cherishing the ordinary moments of each day.

About Kitty: Kitty Eisele is an Emmy-Award winning writer and producer, and host of Texas Public Radio's "Twenty-Four Seven: A Podcast About Caregiving." She is a longtime journalist with NPR in Washington. She moved to her childhood home to care for her father in his final years, and developed the podcast from her audio diaries and experiences.


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