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Celestial Silk Pillowcase

Minimize overnight hair loss with a silk pillowcase like this one from Celestial Silk. Our hair woke up happier than ever.

YouTheory Collagen

Replace decreasing Collagen with these 6,000 mg supplements from YouTheory. One of our tester's swears her over powder dipped nails have never been stronger.


Using traditional Chinese herbs, Herbalogic's Flashback formula is designed for instant relief, which is really the only relief that matters when you're on fire.

The Honey Pot Lube

We put lube to the test and Honey Pot's came out – ha, ha – on top. Sweet tasting and not sticky, it was perfect for a spicy night in.


Hot Flash supplements from Wile are 100% plant-based and formulated to reduce the frequency, length and severity of hot flash symptoms and night sweats. We didn't see them disappear completely, but noticed them a whole lot less – and that's worth a lot

Embr Wave

Clinical research has shown that wearing the Embr Wave wristband gives immediate relief from hot flashes and improves sleep and that was our experience as well. It helped us stay cool at night which means we stayed asleep and that made us very, very happy.

Zuvi Halo

A hairdryer that's not terrible for your hair? It's not too good to be true – The Zuvi Halo dries the surface of hair, protecting hair moisture within the hair shaft. We love ours and it's light enough to take on overnight trips!

Modestine's Queendom Reign Tea

This tea features herbs like Holy Basil and Fennel, commonly known to balance hormones and provide relief from issues associated perimenopause. The chamomile also helps aid with sleep.

Rosebud Women Calming Cream

Unfortunately itching happens everywhere. This soothing plant-based cream from Rosebud Woman is made for the most sensitive areas.

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