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Juicing With Jill

Confession: When I first got the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer, my immediate thought was not exactly of juice.

I had an impending girls' weekend and the idea of homemade cocktails by the pool sounded like a pretty great way to spend a Saturday. And it was. The magician of a machine helped make the most delicious drinks; so sweet and perfect that you could barely taste the copias amounts of liquor at all. That is, until you really, really could.

Hours of sun and lots of booze makes for a rough recovery, and the next day I faced reality – perhaps I should actually use the machine the way it was intended – to support good health, rather than sabotage it.

I'm now a few weeks into my juice journey and I've learned a couple of things:

1. This machine is a beast (I wouldn't be writing this otherwise) and 2. I love juice... in moderation. I do not love juice when it's all I'm consuming. Alas I didn't last long on my attempted fasts, but have been trying to eat healthier and the juicing definitely helped kick start that.

In the market for a juicer? Check out the Nama and the recipes that follow. Plus my favorite way to de-healthy your juice if you choose to go that route. Either way, bottoms up!


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