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10 Tips For Surviving the Holidays In One Piece

Ahhh, the holidays: A time of joy, celebration, serenity and peace... hahahahah. In reality, it's all about survival. Here's how you can make it through the season (relatively) unscathed.

1. Have a sense of humor about the disasters all season long because there WILL be disasters and you can either laugh over them or cry. Laughing is much more fun. Wine also helps.

2. Shopping for teens? Go for the gift cards. It's what they really want and can be purchased in bulk during one quick trip to the grocery store. Save yourself the angsting and make everyone happy at once.

3. Lower your expectations. About everything.

4. Accept help if it’s offered! Remember: You can't do it all and you shouldn't try.

5. Don't be offended when your home-from-college kids act like complete assholes. Home is where they are most comfortable so get used to it – holiday break is coming!

6. Does your out-of-town family staying with you stress the hell out of you? Hotels and Airbnbs exist for a reason!

7. Make sure you have a valid excuse to get your space, even if it means getting a dog who can walk just for the occasion.

8. Treat yourself to a gift for a change. Or multiple gifts.

9. Find a charity to focus on – perspective is especially helpful this time of year.

10. Try to actually enjoy the season; it really is a special time. Again, wine helps.


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